Coming this June to Armory Square

Crafts Meets Craft Beer

June 1 + 2, 2019

The craft show 'Big Game' has eluded the Salt City for a few years now. So, Wildflowers Armory and the Rail Line have joined forces to host a large scale seasonal outdoor festival that will look like a sea of pop-up tents along the train trusses in Armory Square.

Food trucks, Live music in pocket outdoor pop-up venues, craft brews, roaming performers and 100+ vendors filling the upper and lower parking lots behind the MOST.

CRAFTED - a celebration of, and evolving showcase for the many talented creatives of Syracuse, NY will launch the first weekend in June, 2019.

We're seeking local Makers + Designers + Artisan Vendors + Musicians + Poets + Dancers + Food & Drink Vendors at the forefront of their craft to take over the urban sea of parking lots in between the anchors of Wildflowers Armory & the Rail Line. Original homegrown products, handmade goods that we will curate to create a vibrant showcase of incredible local talent.

Applications are FREE. Show is juried. Fees are small, because we are artisan vendors and we get it. The vendors are the VIP's at our event and everyone accepted will have access to vendor only meet-up parties as well as CRAFTED swag bags that will provide each vendor with all the extras they need to have a great festival.

Please note we are no longer accepting craft or food vendors - the event is full. If you are interested in providing samples of craft beer, please email

JUNE 1st 10am - 8pm
JUNE 2nd 10am - 4pm


Wildflowers Armory & Rail Line

Crafted poster